50 countries worldwide have taken part in Good Deeds Day. Here’s the story and mission of the global annual event


March 15, 2015 (International)

March 17, 2015 (Israel)



March 20, 2016

March 5, 2017

March 18, 2018

March 17, 2019

March 15, 2020

Note: Good Deeds Day is an annual celebration that takes place on a Sunday in March.



Good Deeds Day is an annual celebration of good deeds. All over the world, hundreds of thousands choose to volunteer and help others, putting into practice the simple idea that every single person can do something good, be it large or small, to improve the lives of others and positively change the world.

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Good Deeds Day was initiated in 2007 by businesswoman and philanthropist, Shari Arison, and launched and organized by Ruach Tova (NGO), a part of The Ted Arison Family Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Arison Group. "I believe that if people will think good, speak good and do good, the circles of goodness will grow in the world. Good Deeds Day has become the leading day of giving and this year individuals, school children, students, soldiers and employees from many businesses are joining in for the 7th annual Good Deeds Day with the aim of doing a good deed for others," says Shari Arison, initiator of Good Deeds Day.



Since its launch in 2007, this annual tradition of good has attracted an ever expanding number of participants, from 7,000 in 2007, to over 250,000 in 2012, in Israel alone. In 2012, Good Deeds Day was the biggest ever: some 250,000 Israelis and thousands more worldwide joined in to do a good deed for others. In Israel, nearly all local authorities, some 584 schools, 121 teen groups, 200 military unites and 330 business companies volunteered, participating in a wide range of Good Deeds Day projects. Over 3,600 projects were organized for Good Deeds Day 2012, including painting homes of senior citizens, cleaning beaches and parks, renovating community centers and creating public gardens.Worldwide, Good Deeds Day 2012 took place in 28 communities and 50 countries including the USA, Mexico, Panama, Chile, Argentina, France, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Hungary, Ukraine, South Africa and Singapore. Thousands took part, hailing from all walks of life and ages, each according to their own time and skill. MTV Global partnered with the Arison Group in a joint campaign to expose the message of good in more than 40 countries through their TV and online networks. Viewers engaged and participated in Good Deeds Day 2012, also sharing their good deeds on a dedicated website with clips, pictures and in writing.

On March 5, 2014, Shari Arison rang the closing bell at NASDAQ, kicking off Good Deeds Day activities. Watch the video from this exciting ceremony: 

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