MARCH 15, 2015

Make a pledge to do good.

Be part of a global event to amplify goodness.

(it takes only 27 seconds)

Michael Madison

Charleston, West Virginia

be nice to people an forgive the wrong they do me

Atil Nilhad

Vista, California

Praise a colleague's good work

Sandy Kegel

West Allis, Wisconsin

see the best in people

дарина данилина


Нового питомца из приюта для животных

Tim Mitchell

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Smoke weed

Gustavo Lopez III

Chicago, Illinois

Think positively

Gustavo Lopez III

Chicago, Illinois

Inspire someone

Melinda Moss

Columbus, Ohio

Be courteous on the road

Rebekah Osborne

Sebastopol, California

Bring a smile to every one of my clients faces.

Joyce Shulman

Chicago, Illinois

I pledge to try to be less angry

Daniel Taylor

Toney, Alabama

Be courteous on the road

Jared Ross

Los Angeles, California

Make someone laugh

Colleen Clause

Buffalo, New York

Compliment a stranger

Claudia Garcia

Fontana, California

Buy local

Eleanor Horres

Charleston, South Carolina

Donate to a cause

Ivonna Earnest

Murray, Utah


Jamie Brown

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Treat a colleague to a cup of coffee

George Jones

Milan, Tennessee

Carry a neighbor's bags to the door

Adrian Aucutt

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Inspire someone

Abhilash Kumar

Mysore, Karnataka

Adopt a pet from the animal shelter

Beth Mullett

New Carlisle, Ohio

Choose to be happy

Dejp Wapar

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Think positively

Armando Hdez

New York, New York

Food kilometer

Davinder Gill

Brampton, Ontario


David Rangel

San Jose, California

Allow a stranger in a rush to go ahead in line

Angela Clinton

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Ask a loved one how their day was

Arihia Ruyde

Roborough, Devon, United Kingdom

Donate used clothing to charity

Péter Szigeti

Leave my depression behind

Alana Cleaver

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Successfully spring clean, swap, and donate

Misty Goodwin

Mansfield, Ohio

Ask a loved one how their day was

Samia Nomidia

Choose to be happy

Shari Pagett

Chatham, Ontario

Inspire someone

Kristy Trupka-Tingler

Dallas, Oregon

Think positively

Lynnann Waite

Romulus, New York

Compliment a stranger

Lynnann Waite

Romulus, New York

Compliment a stranger

Stacey Suazo

Wild Peach Village, Texas

Donate items to the SPCA Thrift Shop

Rodion Drozdov

Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast

Будьте вежливы на дороге

Rebecca Fahlsing

Washington, District of Columbia

Volunteer for a cause

Александр Махинько


Принять домашнее животное из приюта для животных

Евгения Федё

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Носить с собой многоразовые сумки для покупок

Jørgen Hannibal Hansen

Recycle plastic bottles, paper and batteries

Donata Sliwecki

Wroclaw, Poland

Donate blood

Pamela Gi

Rescue a stray kittie

Jean-André Marlow

Stadt Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Thank a friend for being amazing

Kalli Ludgate

Burlington, Ontario

Donate used clothing to charity

Gugu Gigi

Belgrade, Serbia

Inspire someone

Vanisa Dhiru

Palmerston North, New Zealand

Volunteer for a cause

Eugene Dowling


Eugene Dowling Never Judge Anybody Else

Mohit Jain

Pondichéry, Puducherry, India

Choose to be happy

Fiona Gilroy

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Be kind and show compassion

Faith Nelson


Think positively

John Mcmahon

Limerick, Ireland

T o be Thankfull and Proud for all I have In my Family

Annahita Limki Perron

Be greatful for everything... big and small

Felix Oliech


Goodness Shall always follow us all days of our Lives..

Michele Giuliani

Lléna Connan


Eat healthy

Hillel Memphis

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Hillel Memphis

Attitude of Gratitude

Naymesh Pilojpara

Ahmedabad, India

Think positively