MARCH 15, 2015

Make a pledge to do good.

Be part of a global event to amplify goodness.

(it takes only 27 seconds)

Fiona Gilroy

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Be kind and show compassion

Faith Nelson


Think positively

John Mcmahon

Limerick, Ireland

T o be Thankfull and Proud for all I have In my Family

Annahita Limki Perron

Be greatful for everything... big and small

Felix Oliech


Goodness Shall always follow us all days of our Lives..

Michele Giuliani

Lléna Connan


Eat healthy

Hillel Memphis

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Hillel Memphis

Attitude of Gratitude

Naymesh Pilojpara

Ahmedabad, India

Think positively

Grace James

Vancouver, British Columbia

Be Kind to One Another

Никита Беляев

Bake a cake for a neighbor just 'cause

Christy Breton

Los Angeles, California

Be courteous on the road

Loubna Zfr

Marrakesh, Morocco

Choose to be happy

Arondou Necro


Пожертвовать одежду на благотворительность

Shanmukh Pathrudu

Vijayavada, Andhra Pradesh, India

Donate blood

Dee Byrne

London, United Kingdom

Take the time to stop and chat to and elderly person at the shops.

Thea Tay


Give a LIKE to a cause on Facebook

Elaine Acuña

McAllen, Texas

Choose to be happy

Stacey Mauntel

Crown Point, Indiana

mostly all of the below especially to see the good in others and to be kind as I can be

Toni Pearson

New Orleans, Louisiana

Buy local

Леонид Лещенко

Комплимент незнакомца

Valerie Ryder

Stoney Creek, Ontario

Choose to be happy

Adopt a pet from the animal shelter

Gaurav Tandon

Ahmedabad, India

Teach someone something new

Vikas Goel

Volunteer for a cause

Seema Gupta Goel


Give a LIKE to a cause on Facebook

Jacob Cramer

Bring joy to the elderly

Timothy Nelms

Fort Totten, North Dakota

Be calm , be kind

Mia Wilders Meyer

New York, New York

Keep an elderly person company

Judges Lawyers

Make someone laugh

Will McDermott

Arlington, Virginia

Choose to be happy

Swati Agarwal

Calcutta, India

Donate used clothing to charity

Amit Aggarwal

Amritsar, Punjab

Donate blood

Suzanne Simmons

Glastonbury, Connecticut

1. Meditate. Dedicate the Merit to all sentient beings suffering

Harshit Bindal

Neemuch, India

Choose to be happy

Dheeraj Mehra

New Delhi, India

Donate to a cause

Charles Anteby

Thank a friend for being amazing

Bonnie Reed Scissons

West Lorne, Ontario

Donate used clothing to charity

Robson Carvalho

Teach someone something new

Isabelle Busquès

Pau, France

Smile all day

Melodie Marek

Independence, Missouri

Carry a reusable bag for shopping

Björn Gustafsson

Stockholm, Sweden

Allow a stranger in a rush to go ahead in line

Dima Kruckiy


Комплимент незнакомца

Юлия Лившиц

Riga, Latvia

Choose to be happy

Jasmine Elizabeth

Nicosia, Cyprus

Inspire someone

Kalli Ludgate

Burlington, Ontario

Always smile at people you pass on the street. They may have needed it that day.

Kimberly Coscia

San Diego, California

Compliment a stranger

Ğold Fiře

Casablanca, Morocco

Eat healthy

Rhiana Hritz

Danbury, Connecticut

Buy local

Brandon Girard

Westland, Michigan

Be courteous on the road


Kaitlyn Dulmes

Oostburg, Wisconsin

Donate used clothing to charity

Sara Becher

Adopt a pet from the animal shelter

Miriam Furst

Ask a Salesperson or Waiter/Waitress their name. Remember it and at some time during my time with them, thank them BY NAME for something special they did - anything from being pleasant, or having a lovely smile, to being patient and going out their way to provide good service (be specific) while I was their customer.